Your eyebrows are one of the most important features; they frame the face and open up the eyes. They lift and give expression to the face. Unfortunately very few people are completely happy with their natural eyebrows and can spend hours struggling with an eyebrow pencil to create their desired eyebrow shape.

At last semi permanent eyebrows provide a practical solution to maintaining the perfect brow. Specific treatments below.

Hair Stroke Eyebrows - £350 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This is the latest SPMU eyebrow technique and the results are just fantastic. Tiny hair strokes are applied to the brow to achieve a very natural, three dimensional, effect.  This is the ideal technique for sparse eyebrows to enable the brows to appear fuller and more defined without looking drawn on.  We have a wide range of colours available. We will design the perfect brow shape for you during the consultation prior to the treatment.

Powder Eyebrows - £300 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This is a very popular eyebrow technique.  It is ideal for our clients who like their eyebrows to be slightly more defined and less natural looking. It is a good option for anyone that has little or no natural brow hair. This technique is also great for clients who want to create colour depth under their existing brows. We will create the perfect colour to suit your individual skin tone. A full consultation is carried out where we will discuss shape and colour.


Our eyes are one of our most expressive features, one which we add definition to daily. Applying eyeliner and removing it can be quite awkward at times and we can find after an hour at the gym it has disappeared or smudged.  As we get older our lash line can become sparse and the iris can lose its colour density.

Adorn’s fantastic range of treatments will give you the convenience of a professionally applied makeup look, every day. Specific treatments below.

Latino Eyeliner - £250 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This is striking eyeliner effect for the top of the eyes, which is slightly thicker than an enhancer.  Available with a flick and in a range of different colours. The results achieved with this treatment are simply beautiful!  A full consultation is carried out before the treatment to discuss your individual makeup requirements.

Eyelash Enhancer - £250 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to add definition to the eyes. A very subtle fine line is created.  It is great in contrast with your eye colour and many different colours are available (from black to green). You can have this applied to both the top and bottom lash line (£250) or just applied to one (either the top or bottom). During the consultation we will discuss the different looks available with this treatment.


Very few of us are completely happy with our natural lip contour and as we get older the natural pigment colour becomes lighter. With the advanced techniques of Semi Permanent Makeup, we can correct the loss of pigment in the lip area and create a fuller shape for you.

We can enhance and alter the natural pigment colour of the lips to compliment your skin tone and correct the asymmetry of the lips if required.

Lip Contour - £300 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This is very similar to a lip liner but can be blended into the lip area to achieve softer definition to the lips and give the lips a fuller appearance. All you will need to complete your look is a dab of lip gloss!  It is a great way to correct uneven lip shapes, correct pigment fading and improve a fading lip line. A full consultation is carried out to create the perfect lip colour and shape for you. We can create any colour to meet your individual requirements.

Lip Blush - £350 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This treatment creates an overall soft colour tint to the Lips. Your lips will appear fuller and more defined.  The effect is stunning and yet very subtle.  We can create the perfect shape and colour for your skin tone and all you will need is to apply a hint of gloss!  Our lip colour range is endless ensuring we can match any of your favourite lip colours. A full consultation is provided prior to your treatment.


Areola Reconstruction - £300 (one breast) / £450 (both breasts)

Industry leading paramedical SPMU treatments from Adorn. Contact us for more details and to discuss your treatment.

Other Treatments

Scars in Brows - £50 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

This is an ideal solution treatment for filling in areas of hair loss and disguising scarring. A full consultation is included to discuss your requirements.

Freckles - £50 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

Natural looking freckles to achieve a stunning sun kissed look. We have a wide range of colours to create your perfect result. A full consultation will be carried out.

Beauty Spots - £50 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

Beauty spots are available in a range of colours to suit an individual’s skin tone. We can create your perfect size and enhance existing ones. A full consultation will be carried out.

Colour Boost and Touch-ups - £150 *contact us for our latest offers HERE

A colour boost/touch up is required every 12 – 24 months, to keep the colour fresh and ensure lasting results.

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